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1st to 3rd March2024

(1st - Practice & Register/ 2nd & 3rd - Event)

Venue:  Anna Bhau Sathe Auditorium, Pune - Satara Rd, near Vivekanand Park, near MSEDC office, Sangam Society, Bibwewadi, Pune,

Maharashtra 411037 - India

Welcome to
India Deaf Expo !​

The main objective of this conference cum exhibition is to promote the public awareness about the Deaf, its rich Culture, Sign Language development and to achieve National support for the Deaf giving them several opportunities to improve their life. The conference is held once in every two-three years at different cities of India.


What is India Deaf

Expo 2024?

India has about 10 million Deaf and about 40 million Hard of Hearing people. Yet, little is being done for Education, Employment and Rights of this huge population. The public has little or no information about Deafness and Deaf people. As a first step in this effort, we are calling an International Conference with the main purpose of educating the public about Deafness, providing rich opportunities for the Deaf people and to maintain the awareness about the Deaf Culture.

There has been a major advance in Technology that can help Deaf people in Education and Rehabilitation. The Deaf Expo is also offering this opportunity to Educators, Inventors and Businessmen to showcase their products in Exhibitions. In addition to making their product available to consumers, they will be able to learn about other products and share Technology and Related Information.


We will also provide Entertainments each evening. Leading Deaf Artists and Performers will provide rich cultural programs including mime, drama, dance, movies and others - all related to Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Saji Thomas built an Aircraft to attend the 8th India Deaf Expo 2024 at Pune

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Saji Thomas built an Aircraft to attend the 8th India Deaf Expo 2024 at Pune
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Saji Thomas built an Aircraft to attend the 8th India Deaf Expo 2024 at Pune
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8th India Deaf Expo 2024

8th India Deaf Expo 2024

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AT Pune

From  2nd & 3rd  March 2024

Featured Speakers

Development officer

World Federation of the Deaf, South AFrica

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Our exhibitors include leading companies in the field of inclusive technology and accessibility. Discover the latest products and services that can help your organization become more inclusive and accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community.